The island of Vis

Vis is a special island to me.

Not so much because of its natural beauty – all our islands are beautiful in their own way, and so is Vis, framed by arcs of white pebble coves sliding into the aquamarine shallow waters only to disappear in the deep blue hues of the open sea, which can be reached by rough tracks winding through stone villages, vineyards and olive groves.

It is special owing to its geographical position, being the outermost major island of the Dalmatian archipelago and still so close to Split, one of the most exciting Mediterranean cities. This makes it an oasis of perfect tranquillity in the vicinity of the vitality of urban life. It is special because of the culture witnessed by the Greek and Roman artefacts from antiquity and those from Illyrian times and Christianity. It is also special on account of its more recent history when for centuries it was a military stronghold for the Habsburgs, Napoleon, the British, Tito…While defending them from military assailants Vis protected itself from the contemporary epidemic of mass tourism and stayed true to itself.

Today Vis has become a mecca for nautical enthusiasts. To the refined palates it offers the best of what the fishermen from Komiža net, trap, long-line or spear from the sea and the masters of island cuisine season it with fragrant spices and aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean. Naturally, all of this is accompanied by wine, ranging from the native white Vugava to the special varieties of the red grape plavac mali.

Vis is a special island.

Branko Štefanović

The founder of VERN' University of Applied Sciences