VERN' University of Applied Sciences

VERN'- initiator of the projects Island Initiative and VERN' Island School

VERN' University of Applied Sciences is the largest and the oldest private higher education institution in the Republic of Croatia. It offers six undergraduate and five graduate study programmes in the fields of economics, finance, media, corporate communications, tourism and ICT, soon also design. Together with its international partner United Business Institutes from Brussels, VERN’ also offers an international MBA program, which prepares students for working successfully in the international environment.

At the core of VERN’ educational model are professional business studies based on interactive, problem-oriented teaching and entrepreneurial way of thinking. The aim of this educational concept is the education of innovative, competent and ambitious business professionals, whose developed entrepreneurial culture and the awareness of social responsibility are the foundation of personal competitiveness and a prosperous society.

Being a European, entrepreneurially-oriented higher education institution, VERN’ is continually building up its international network, working closely with similar higher education institutions and as a member participating in the programmes of prominent international organizations.

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